Saturday, 18 December 2010

Visiting Lecturers: Colin McDowell

You must amaze. You must offend. You must excite.

These were the words of advice given to us by fashion journalist Colin McDowell. A fascinating lecture by a man, who has worked in the fashion industry and who has published many books and now writes for The Sunday Times Style.
It was refreshing to feel as if as a student today we have a chance to make an impact in the fashion industry, and that as students there is faith in us for when we graduate to make an impact.

These visiting lecturers have given small pieces of interesting insights into the beginnings of designers such as John Galliano, who at first was seen as a joke, with his designs and toile’s literally being thrown away if was not there early enough to save them!

Colin McDowell also spoke of the possibilities that designers in the east could bring to the west, for years the west have had great influence over fashion in the east, however this may be all about the change.

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